Take the Five-Item Guilt Proneness Scale (GP-5)

On this website you can complete the Five-Item Guilt Proneness Scale (GP-5) developed by Taya R. Cohen, Yeonjeong Kim, and Abigail T. Panter.

It takes just a few minutes to complete the GP-5, and afterwards you will be asked some additional questions (e.g., gender, age, education, etc.).

The results computed from your responses will be provided after you have finished. (In case of a technical malfunction, results might not appear, but this is very rare.)

Your responses will be combined with those of many other respondents and may used for research that will be published in scientific journals and other sources.

Your participation is completely voluntary, anonymous, and confidential.

  1. Voluntary: Until all of your responses have been submitted, you can withdraw from the survey at any time and for any reason. If you choose to withdraw, your responses before the point of withdrawal will not be used.
  2. Anonymous: You will not be asked to provide your name or any identifying information. No personal identifying data will be recorded in the database.
  3. Confidential: The collected data will be stored in a password-protected hard-drive and only academic researchers and their technical staff will have access to it.

Please be aware that the results computed from your responses may not match your perceptions and that this may be disappointing. (Note that the researchers cannot discuss your results with you.)

No other risk, harm, or discomfort is anticipated in completing the GP-5.

If you have concerns about your rights as a research participant, you may contact the primary researcher, Professor Taya Cohen (tcohen@cmu.edu), +1.412.268.6677.

To learn more about Professor Cohen's research and download her papers about guilt proneness and other related topics, please visit her Carnegie Mellon University faculty webpage: http://tepper.cmu.edu/our-faculty-and-research/about-our-faculty/faculty-profiles/tcohen/cohen-taya

If you have read and understood the above explanations and would like to complete the survey, please press the following button.

Important Notices

Before beginning the survey, please read the following points carefully and endorse that you understand and acknowledge them.

Yes, I understand and acknowledge that:

  1. The results may not appear due to technical difficulties (this is rare but it can happen).
  2. Your results may not match your own perceptions.
  3. Your results are not a clinical assessment.
  4. The researchers cannot discuss your results with you.

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